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Trusco / Trueline Parking Lot Striping Machines - Line Stripers

Trusco Trueline Parking Lot StriperThe Trueline family of paint stripers are rugged, affordable and capable machines. They are the best priced commercial machines on the market. Because the stripers are built with simplicity in mind, any one can work on the machine and downtime is near zero. Trueline Stripers have been built by Trusco Manufacturing since 1964. Please contact me at steve@colebrothers.com or 850-934-3157 with any questions.

The stripers utilize a stainless steel pressure tank in which thinned paint is held. Air pressure forces the paint from the tank, through a hose and into a spray tip.  The spray tip creates a flat, fan pattern spray that hits the edges of the box and creates a clean, sharp, line. (The spray box also protects the spray from wind)  The different machines use various methods for pressurizing the tank but all stripe the same way.  The machines are nice and quiet.  

Trueline striping machines can be used to stripe parking lots, roads, factory floors and even sports fields.  You don’t need a machine for each job.  One machine will do all four.

We have several Trueline models for you to choose from. Click Here to Order.

Models Available:
Model 20 – 4 gallon pump up striper – $835

Model 20 PLUS – 4 gallon pump up striper w/ air valve – $895
Model 250 APT (For companies or factories that have access to compressed air) $1,885
Model 250 or 350 N (Nitrogen High Pressure Cylinder) $1,695 / $2,095
Model 250 or 350 BP (Battery Powered) – $2,098 / $2,498
Model 250 or 350 EC (Plug in electric air compressor) $2,099 / $2,499

The following Accessories are available for all machines except the model 20:

  • Spray gun
  • Glass Bead Dispenser
  • Solvent Cleaning System
  • Double Line Attachment


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