Roll Up Door Chevron Slat Strips - 1.25" x 30 Foot

Roll Up Door Chevron Slat Strips - 1.25" x 30 Foot
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  • Manufacturer: Orafol/Reflexite
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Price $59.99

Quantity 1 = One Roll of 1.25" wide x 30 foot RIGHT hand slant, or one 30 foot roll of LEFT hand slant material. (3 square feet coverage per roll or 6 square feet for a pair of rolls - left and right)

On this page we sell 1.25 Inch Wide x 30 foot long Pre-Striped Chevron Slat Rolls in RED and FLUORESCENT LIME for creating chevron patterns on roll up doors.  Available in either a LEFT slant or RIGHT slant. 

The rolls on this page are cut to 1.25" in width to fit most slats on roll up doors on the backs of fire trucks and apparatus. (We recommend that before ordering, you measure the slats on your doors to make sure a 1.25" width roll will fit with a little reveal.) To apply the material, simply trace a line in the center of your roll up door, cut equal amounts of matching LEFT and RIGHT hand slant material, and apply, lining up the diagonal stripes as you work your way up the door. Coverage is about 3 square feet per roll. Example 1 - if you had a 24" x 34" roll up door, that would be 816 square inches divided by 144 to get 5.6 square feet.  So two rolls, a right slant and a left slant should do the job.  Example 2 - A roll up door that was 34" x 48" would be 1632 square inches divided by 144 to get 11.3 square feet.  So two left hand slant rolls and two right hand slant rolls should be enough.

Our Slat Strip Rolls are Self adhesive. Peel backing and apply to a clean, smooth surface. Combine equal lengths of left and right slant to create a chevron pattern on your rear roll up door slats. 

Pricing is as follows -

  • 1.25" Wide Rolls - $59.99 per 30 foot roll.

Chevron Slats - Roll Up Fire Door

All of the chevron panel rolls on this page have stripes that are 6" wide diagonally. This means that after you apply the strips to your roll up door, the finished design will consist of 6" wide red and lime stripes running diagonally at a 45 degree angle. This makes them NFPA 1901 compliant. (see picture) Our Pre-Striped rolls are pre-printed at the factory. Oralite V98 material is the best on the market.  It is conformable and repositionable as well as being extremely tough and bright.  The material is easy to cut and apply.  

You can use the drop down menus above to make you selection.  Select the width roll, then select left or right slant. 

roll up fire truck door chevron panels

Chevron Reflective Striping for Roll Up Doors

roll up fire truck door slat chevron strips


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