Oralite Adhesive SOLAS 1403 Standard Type - 150 Foot Rolls

Oralite Adhesive SOLAS 1403 Standard Type  - 150 Foot Rolls
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  • Manufacturer: Orafol/Reflexite
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Price $109.99

Oralite FD1403 STANDARD Self Adhesive SOLAS Reflective Tape for Hard Flat Surfaces. 1 Inch or 2 Inch - 150 foot rolls.

Article - Difference between 1403 and 1404 SOLAS.

1 inch and 2 inch x 150' (150 foot) rolls of Oralite SOLAS Marine Grade Reflective Tape.  Coast Guard approved.  Self Adhesive with peel off backing.  

Oralite SOLAS Coast Guard Approved Marine Tape is the toughest and brightest tape on the market. It has a very strong adhesive that will stick to almost anything.

Our FD1403 SOLAS tape is specifically designed to increase the visibility of life boats, sailboats, power boats, life rings,  and a variety of other hard surfaces in marine and land environments.  It can be applied to any surface but does best on flat, smooth, hard surfaces or cylinders like bollards in excess of 2 inches in diameter.

It is also very popular for motorcycles and bikes due to its extreme reflectivity.


Our prices are as follows -

1" x 150' SOLAS FD1403 Standard Roll (adhesive) - $109.99

2" x 150' SOLAS roll FD1403 Standard Roll (adhesive) - $179.99

You can click here for a spec sheet on our SOLAS tape or here for additional pictures.