Chevron Panel Kit Materials (NFPA 1901) Do It Yourself.

Chevron Panel Kit Materials (NFPA 1901) Do It Yourself.
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  • Manufacturer: Orafol/Reflexite
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Quanity 1 = 1 Foot of Material

Reflective Chevron Kit - Base Reflective Sheeting and Red Transparent Overlay.  (Make your own panels)

This is another alternative to our premade panels.  This is the same method and materials that we use to create the premade panels.   This method of creating chevrons involves laying down a base lime reflective material on the areas to be striped and then overlaying the lime with a red transparent overlay to create the alternating red and lime pattern.  Both the red and the lime end up being very reflective. This method is less expensive than buying premade panels and is a little easier than using separate red and lime reflective 6" rolls.   You can also combine this kit with a premade panel.  For example, if you had a brush truck with truck boxes you could purchase a premade panel for the tailgate and then buy a few feet of lime fluorescent reflective and red overlay to finish out the box.  The two areas would match exactly.  You would also have the option of making the panel first and then applying it to the vehicle.

There are certain situations where you would use a premade panel, certain situations where you would use the lime base material and red overlay and then certain cases where you would use separate rolls of lime and red.  

The chevron striping kits on this page make creating chevrons that comply with the NFPA 1901 regulations easy to create.  On this page you can purchase the fluorescent lime reflective base material and the red transparent overlay.  Each is available by the foot so you can get the exact amount that you need. 

To create chevron stripes you need a supply of V98 Reflective Material to use as the base, a transparent red overlay to create the red striping, a squeegee, a spray bottle of soapy water, a speed square to mark 45 degree angles and an exacto.  You can create a reflective chevron on the back of your vehicle or equipment by following these basic steps.

First - apply the base fluorescent lime material to the areas that will be striped.

Second - mark the centerline of the area to be striped as well as the 45 degree lines going out and down.  I use a speed square to mark the angles.  As you mark, make sure to leave 6 inches diagonally between each line.  The simple way to do this is to mark your first piece at the bottom center of your truck and then use a piece of 6" overlay with the backing still on as a guide to mark the remaining stripes.  This makes it very accurate and very simple.

Third - cut your overlay pieces to the proper length.

Fourth -  after peeling the backing from the overlay, spray the sticky side as well as the lime base material with mild soapy water and slide the overlay into place.

Fifth - squeegee the overlay into place.  Spray as you squeegee so the squeegee glides over the material.

Sixth - trim the excess overlay from the edges.

That is all there is to it.  We have the base reflective V98 material available in 6", 8" and 12" widths.  We have the transparent overlay availalble in 6" wide red. 

The prices per linear foot are as follows -

Red 6" Transparent Overlay - $1.00 per linear foot

Fluorescent Lime 6" Material - $5.00 per linear foot

Fluorescent Lime 8" Material - $7.00 per linear foot

Fluorescent Lime 12" Material - $10.00 per linear foot

Calculating how much 6" red overlay is fairly simple.  Just take the square footage total of your panels and multiply by 1.5.  For example, if you had a 12" x 72" panel which is 1' x 6' you would have a 6 square foot panel.  You would multiply 6 x 1.5 and get 9.  So for a 12" x 72" panel you would need to buy 9 feet of 6" red overlay.   A 12" x 12" square would require 1.4 feet of 6" red overlay.   If you have any questions feel free to call me (Steve) at 850-934-3157.

You can order using the drop down menus above.  To add multiple items to the cart just choose the first item and number of feet and add that to your cart and then choose "continue shopping", go back to the product page, and add the next item.