8" x 150' Flexible Engineer Grade Reflective Tape Rolls

8" x 150' Flexible Engineer Grade Reflective Tape Rolls
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  • Manufacturer: Nikkalite
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Price $189.99

8" x 150 foot long rolls of Flexible Engineer Grade Reflective Tape.  This is our most popular and affordable reflective tape.  It is similar to a standard engineer grade but more flexible and conformable. 

Available in Gold, Orange, Blue, Green, Black, Yellow, White, Fluorescent Lime, and Red. (black reflects a goldish color or white in bright light)

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Our 8" x 150' rolls of flexible engineer grade reflective tape can be used to mark loading dock areas, floors, poles, bollards, fences, gates, trailers, police cars and emergency vehicles, snow poles, dumpsters,  etc... 

This is a Type 1 ASTM D4956 material that exceeds all federal and state requirements and is outdoor rated at 7 years. Flexible engineer grade reflective tape is thin and flexible and will stretch to conform over difficult areas. Especially when warmed with a hair dryer.  One of its unique features is its ability to wrap around small diameters like snow poles or golf flag poles.  Very few reflective tapes will wrap this tightly without lifting.

It is easy to apply. Simply cut off the amount you need, peel the paper backing off the tape and apply to a smooth, clean surface. 

This is a flexible engineer grade tape and when warmed it will stretch and conform to uneven surfaces.  Our flexible engineer grade reflective tape should be applied in the temperature range of 59ºF to 77ºF, but is service rated from -22ºF to 176ºF. When applied in temperatures below 78 degrees it performs just like standard engineer grade. 

Our 8" x 150' rolls run $189.99 each.  Our colors are pictured above.