4" Premium Non Skid Tape - 7 Types

4" Premium Non Skid Tape - 7 Types
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Price $59.99

4" Non Skid Tape available in Black, Mop Friendly Black, Extra Coarse Black, Clear, White/Red, Yellow/Black and Yellow. Commercial Grade Tape. Easy to install.  All rolls are 60 feet long except for the extra course black which is 50 feet long.

This product is manufactured from a durable 60 grit mineral abrasive formulation bonded to an ultra tough polymer substrate and backed with a solvent based contact adhesive for instant grip. The result is a durable and reliable non skid tape.

Note - the "extra coarse" black is a 36 grit tape designed for areas where extra grip is required. The "mop friendly" black is a 60 grit product modified to allow a mop to pass over with minimal string catching.

An excellent and cost effective choice for commercial, industrial and residential indoor and outdoor non slip tape applications. Suitable for recreational areas such as ramps, playgrounds, pool areas, RV's, stairs, work areas, ladders, snowmobiles, scooters, construction machinery,vehicles, machine shops, hazardous floors, industrial equipment, lawn equipment, boat decks, trucks and trailers.

Our anti slip safety tapes MEET OR EXCEED: OSHA Spec 1910.24 Stair tread, OSHA Spec 1910.26 Ladder Rungs, Military Spec Mil-D-17951E-Ships, Military Spec Mil-W-5044C-Type IV, Motor Vehicle Safety Standard #302.

Premium Non-Skid Tape (60 Grit) SPEC SHEET 
Premium Extra Coarse Non-Skid Tape (36 Grit) SPEC SHEET 
Installation instructions for difficult surfaces
To install simply peel the backing off the tape and press the tape firmly onto a clean, dry surface.

We carry Non skid 4" tread tape in the following colors:

Black, Mop Friendly Black, Extra Coarse Black, Clear, White/Red, Yellow/Black and Yellow.

Note that the clear basically becomes the color of what ever it is adhered to. For example, in the picture above and below the tape is on a white colored backing and therefore looks white.

Prices start at $59.99 for the black.

Black (60') - $59.99

Mop Friendly Black (60') - $64.99

Extra Coarse Black (50') - $64.99

Clear (60') - $64.99

White/Red (60') - $64.99

Yellow/Black (60') - $64.99

Yellow (60') - $64.99

Note - We can special order Grey, Brown, Red, Blue, Green and White. There is a minimum order requirement on these colors. You can call 850-934-3157 for more information. Click here for a picture. Our standard colors are in stock and available for immediate shipment. They can be ordered via the drop down menu above.