3" x 30' Oralite V82 Type 5 Reflective Rolls

3" x 30' Oralite V82 Type 5 Reflective Rolls
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  • Manufacturer: Orafol/Reflexite
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Price $89.99

3" x 30' rolls of Oralite V82.  This is a 10 year prismatic tape that exceeds ASTM D4956 Type 5 standards. It is the brightest and longest lasting class of tape in the Oralite ine. Light is reflected via micro prisms making the tape much brighter which allows the tape to be seen from much farther away. Thousands of feet versus hundreds. Since Oralite tapes are made as a single layer, there is never a problem with delamination.

  • ASTM D4956 Type 5 Film
  • 10 times brighter than standard engineer grade tape and three times as bright as high intensity reflective.
  • V82 is equivalent to our SOLAS tape only in colors. 
  • Oralite V82 tapes carry a 10 year outdoor rating.
  • Thin, easy to handle, and resists chipping and cracking.
  • Patented, single layer design. Reflects even after impact.

Oralite V82 prismatic reflective tape can be used to mark emergency vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances, helmets, loading dock areas, bollards, poles, dumpsters, gates, barricades, tractor trailers, and more.

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The picture below shows our two yellows.  Standard and School Bus.

Our 3" x 30' rolls run $89.99 plus shipping. We carry white, school bus yellow, standard yellow, red, green, blue and orange.